Shiro development/log

July 2020: Start of project Kanako store. Brainstorming about product ideas, first contact with

August 2020: The product idea we are focusing on the most: An innocent looking doll that turns into a sex doll when you take off her clothes.
First concept art of Kanako, the mascot of Kanako store. Figuring out her personal attributes: A mischievous and naughty college girl with lots of energy.

Digital art of kanako

Digital concept art of kanako

September 2020: Starting to work full time on project Kanako store!
Introducing a new character: Shiro. A naïve kuudere, who visits the same college as Kanako.
The concept art for Shiro was created in the same month.
First contact with multiple manufacturers, research about different materials and mixtures.

Digital concept art of Shiro

October 2020: Creating the website Kanako store. Thinking about different clothing options for Shiro. Designing the clothes and choosing the materials for it. Managing the production costs.
We created a 3D model of the body and printed it out of resin. We used the 3D version as a reference and hand sculpted a version out of clay, which hardens after heating it up. Out of that we created a mold, in which the silicon was poured in. Result: Our first prototype of Shiro’s body :)

We quickly stumbled upon a few problems: The silicon ripped apart when applying too much pressure, the head would pop off the body occasionally, and the doll couldn’t sit or pose properly.

Digital modelling

The resin 3D print

Hand Sculpted clay prototype

November 2020: Production start of the handmade clothes.

Fixing the issues of the prototype that we had last month: we tweaked the material and height and put a rubber coated metal skeleton inside the doll. After successfully applying these changes, we also hand painted the new improved prototype to see how the finished product would look like.

Hand painted body

December 2020: Starting the prototype production of the head.
We hand sculpted the head out of clay based on Shiro’s concept art. We once again created a mold out of that, in which the material was poured in. The eyes were printed on and the face was painted on per hand afterwards. It took multiple adjustments to make the eyes look as beautiful and real as they do now.
We created multiple expressions of Shiro, so that the customer can choose how she looks.
The different clothes were finished this month as well.

First version


Finished version with 2 eyes designs.

Different expressions

Basic clothing based on the concept art

Better quality clothing

Shiro in basic clothing and a wig

January 2021: Creating panties, ears and tails. Making Kanako store public, improving the website and the doll, based on the reviews and feedback that we are receiving! :)

for more information or feedback, feel free to message us on Discord!

February 2021

The production of the doll was temporarly put on hold. In China there was a new corona lockdown before the Chinese new year.

At the end of February, things start to move again. We also started working on packaging. For this, we collaborated with a new artist to create some concept art.

Here are all the sketches we made:

Shiro Box arts

March 2021

The companies are slowly able to produce again. More work on the packaging, playing around with different sizes.

Box for doll

The next step was her ears!

Ear clips!

We looked at many different kind of ears, and ways to attach them and ended up with this:

First version of the ear

We are not completely satisfied with the look of it yet, so we’re trying to make them look more fluffy, like this:

Fluffy ears in the making

 Now blending it in with a wig

Brown wig with the ear

April 2021

The doll is finished. We are issuing mass production to stock up our store before sale!

Our Finished Shiro doll 

We finished Updating mass producing the clothing and the doll.

The product will be available at the end of this week for the rest of the world while in Europe it is still being prepared.

Click here

November 2021

We are working on rule34 tan. 

December 2021

Her clothings are too expensive changed design


January 2022

While working on rule34 we experience with redrawing and refitting shirodoll.

we even painted the knee.

Lastupdated 13/01/2022


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