About us

Kanako.store launched in 2020 as a gig and some fun in cooperation with the owner of rule34. We are a community loving, fun store that combines great customer service with high quality products. We started our store because we saw that these types of dolls barely existed. Our specialty lies in the research, development and production of adult toys. We believe in the quality of our technology, as we have experience in R&D.

We want to give to you, our community, and we just want to assist and educate people in solving existing sexual frustrations, by helping them find new products that actually work. Our products are thoroughly tested. The companies we are partnering up with have the following certifications: CE, ROHS, SGS and FDA.

Our current manufacturing partners are located in China and, depending on your location, we can ship accordingly from either our Chinese or European warehouses. We are rule34.xxx offical store. Using the influences and research they provide we are able to draft original products.

About the owners

We started as engineering students creating concepts during our university times. It all started as we were doing research for university as students. We got into contact with a lot of manufactures, who’ve helped us in creating and learning about manufacturing.

We originated from Belgium and attended university here. We got a degree in electro mechanical engineering and we also studied business school in the evening. We are in contact with many people who are working in the sex community. We listened to their problems and we tried to help them. With Covid-19, we are noticing that people are not getting their fulfillment and are experiencing more sexual frustrations. In this community many people are ashamed of their desires. With the kanako store we try to move forward in helping normalizing sexual exploration. We promote selflove in our fun community/society.

Why these dolls

We realized that we always liked cat girls, or dog girls. They didn’t exist as dolls yet. We realize these dolls might be a niche market, but as the law became more flexible about creating small dolls we decided to create them.

Since we are working with adult toy manufacturers and marketeers, we attach the sex part to the dolls ourselves. We are cooperating with the owner of rule34 because we want our store to be fun for everyone. We wanted to create a place where no one would be judged for their sexual desires.

We don’t believe in taboos, we think that everyone should be welcomed in their own sexualities. Therefore with Nyan Products, we want to create a fun anime/community atmosphere. The store is funded by me, but the dolls are partially funded by the rule34 owner. Also the marketing banner spots and the website spot is funded by the owner of rule34. Which makes it a rule34 store

Rule34 store

Any recommendations?

Yes! We wholeheartedly recommend the masturbation cup. This is an amazing fun gadget. A video promoting this product is coming soon. These promotion video’s will help you navigating the website.

We are here for you. We are here with you. We believe in you.

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Company: Nyan Products(Kanako.store)

E-mail: Kanakochan.store@gmail.com

Address: Belgium, Merchtem 1785