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Shiro doll

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Shiro is a handmade small-sized sexdoll with a cute body, gorgeous eyes and soft realistic feeling skin. You can (un)dress her, cuddle and play with her as much as you want. Her durable silicon body will make all your dreams come true.

Yess she has a hole
Yes you can fuck her
No she does not have an asshole ( we removed it)
BECAUSE : So you can fuck her more times
Still more questions?
Message kanako in the contacts


  • Doll Height:                60 cm     /      1.9 foot 
  • Vaginal depth:            20 cm     /      7.9 inch
  • Weight:                      1.2 kg      /      2,65 lb
  • hip/bust/waist:           27/24/17
  • Material: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) with a metal skeleton coated in rubber


For now 1 varient:

  • Doll
  • Panties (head and below)
  • Sailor uniform
  • Ear
  • uwu shirt


    Shipping is free with this product.

    This product is made in China and will be shipped from there. If you live in the EU, it will be shipped from our warehouse in Belgium.
    The ones in Belgium takes mostly 3-7 days to arrive anywhere in Europe
    or 1-4 days in Belgium or Netherlands


    PRO/CON vs big doll


    + easy to hide/looks innocent with clothes on
    + light weight
    + easier to clean
    + no storage problems
    + more affordable.


    - looks less like a real woman

    Detailed description:

    Soft skin, beautiful proportions, long white hair and a face with big, expressive eyes: Shiro makes the perfect anime mini sex/service doll. If you are looking for more than just a boring casual fleslight, consider a mini doll.

    Shiro has a slender body with flawless skin, full breasts and a cute soft butt. Her tenderness and lifelike features are achieved by the high quality TPE we use. There are different mixtures of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), but after lots of testing, we can proudly say that we have mastered it. No other doll on the market feels as realistic as ours.

    Shiro is carefully sculpted and painted by hand. That makes every doll unique. Her poseable metal skeleton allows you to put her in many poses. The frame consists of thin metal rods with hinges ensuring that it only bends in, in places which look and feel natural for a human.

    Even though Shiro chan is cute the way she is, you can also put her in sexy lingerie or turn her into your favorite anime character by switching her clothes and her wig. Many different outfits can be found online or created by yourself, your imagination and fantasies have no halt. You can also share ideas and pictures on our discord! <3

    You know you want to squeeze those juicy tits, don’t let Shiro wait ;)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Nikolas Cruz
    Looking good

    It looks very nice. Before I've bought that, I felt very desperate for killing 17 people but now, I am happy. I've tried it and it was fun. I can play with her in my cell...

    Nice thing

    I died in a cool way now I can't do some cool rap but this doll is nice wemen doll (I still hate wemen (cool guy hate wemen)). I recommend this product. It's really fun.

    sussy baka

    PogChamp. Poggers, if you would. Soft body - 10/10; Size (if you want something small) - 10/10; lè intercourse - 11/10; Posing - 9/10 (smaller joints like hands and feet are slightly harder to move); Quality - 10/10; Easy to clean - bonus points; Soft skin catches lint and dust - negative bonus points.
    Anyway, the box she came in gave no hints as to what was inside. She came inside of a tan sack that was almost twice her height, which is nice to prevent lint or dust from sticking to her (which does happen). She’s also completely undressed inside there. Panties for her head and groin are off to the side, along with a button-up white dress shirt, green tie, cat ears, white hair wig, comb, thin gloves (for you, not her), uwu shirt, blue skirt, and a container for you to put your non-included lube inside of (very handy). Lube is a requirement if you want to fuck her – no matter how skinny penis your skinny penis is, the tip if my dick would not go in without a considerable amount of lube (not a flex). I’m not exactly sure how, but it's possible to displace the inner h o l e and hit the edge of the metal frame up towards her chest/back. It didn’t hurt or anything, just that my dick hit it as i was trying to go d e e p e r, but not too deep. Overall, though, 9/10 doll.